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Winter 2017 - Kigali, Rwanda

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Kevin Norring, fourth year undergraduate student, Managerial Economics. D-Lab Involvement: Student in the Winter 2017 Global Poverty Seminar 



Winter 2017 Global Poverty Seminar student Kevin Norring received support from the International Development Innovation Network to support his client Alphonse in Kigali, Rwanda! This summer he spent a month at Kepler Tech Lab, conducting a financial analysis for their educational programs open to high school and college students. Kepler Tech Lab is an innovation lab in Kigali that seeks inclusion of digital tools and equipment to address mismatch of practical hands-on experiences and encourages girls to pursue engineering career. These objectives are rooted in the goal to break import and foreign labor dependency, and encourage locally produced products. To address these issues, the project called for a student to complete a financial assessment and feasibility study in order to identify optimal registration and enrollment fees for high school and college students wishing to participate in Kepler's innovation trainings. The project activities included community interviews, a needs assessment, and market analysis.



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