Georgia Satellite 2

Georgia D-Lab Satellite II

Sharing Knowledge for Rural Development

July 2017 - August 2017

Partner Institutions: Georgian Institute of Public Affairs, UC Davis Seed Grants

To build upon D-Lab efforts from Summer 2016, the Georgia Working Group at the UC Davis D-Lab traveled to Georgia throughout Summer 2017 to conduct a second Satellite Training, now in the capital Tbilisi. Georgia is looking to partner with established university programs to move towards project-based curriculum, and enable professionals in Tbilisi to support local issues. In order for Georgia to reach this goal, there are expressed needs for hands-on educational approaches and increased research efforts that can lead to innovations in energy, agriculture, and environment. In partnership with UC Davis Global Affairs, the Georgia Working Group administered this training with client and local NGO Environment & Development, as well as the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs, the host for the training and aide for student and project outreach.

Project Description:

Satellite II consisted of a two week training with Masters candidates and professors from several participating Georgian universities, including Tbilisi State University, the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs, and Rustavi Technical Institute. The Georgia Working Group, as well as several in-country guest lecturers, facilitated a series of lessons and exercises to equip the participants with the necessary steps to replicate D-Lab courses in Project Framing and Feasibility Studies in regional Georgian areas for future projects. Training topics covered business model development, project management, the D-Lab approach, project analysis tools, and a series of useful technical concepts related to energy and agriculture.


Read the Final Report of the comprehensive report here!