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ZNE Project Archive

ZNE 2015 Project Archive

Charging into the Future (Unitrans)

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Campus Feedback

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Tri Co-Ops

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Thermoelectrics (UC Davis)

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2015 Solar Decathlon

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Hydropower Full and By Farms

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ZNE 2014 Project Archive

Load Profiling for the 2014 Solar Decathlon Competition

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Cooling Load Reduction for Radiant Ceiling Retrofit (Sproul Hall)

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ZNE Alternatives for Dos Pinos Housing Cooperative

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Zero Net Energy Cost (ZNEC) at D-Q University

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ZNE 2013 Project Archive

Domes ZNE

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Robert Mondavi Institute Building

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Energy Efficiency strategies and ZNE feasibility (Ghausi Hall)

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Thermal Energy Storage in Central Cooling Systems

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Radiant Sail Design

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