Awamu Pelletizer Production Franchising (Uganda)

About - Awamu Pelletizer Production Franchising (Uganda)

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We propose a franchising model for producing pellets from crop residues in rural communities as a means of generating value at the wastes, use of clean cooking gasifier stoves as alternatives to firewood fuel and creating employment and sources of revenue for rural households in Uganda. Awamu has partnered with a Bioburn which is a Swiss company and have piloted a local pellets production system, the two companies act as Franchisors. The strategic partnership is further enhanced by the fact that both companies have complementary products. The Pelletizers are manufactured locally in Uganda with only the nozzles and extruder imported from Switzerland. It also creates a sales system around a local Franchisee (Pelletizer operator) who works with local people to sell gasifier stoves and agro-waste pellets for cooking. Surplus pellets can be sold to peri-urban and urban communities.

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