About - Project-Based Learning in Uruguay

About - Project-Based Learning in Uruguay

 Summer 2019 - Uruguay




In August 2019, D-Lab delivered a workshop on project-based, client-focused learning in Montevideo, Uruguay. Kurt Kornbluth, Alice Dien, and Meg Slattery delivered a weeklong workshop run through the Espacio Interdisciplinario (Interdisciplinary Space) at the University of the Republic, with participants with diverse areas of expertise and geographic location. The D-Lab team presented case studies of D-Lab classes and spoke about the importance of project-based learning, then used D-Lab methodology to form teacher teams and encourage them to brainstorm and refine their own course ideas. At the end of the week, the teams presented their course ideas.

These instructors will be able to use the D-Lab toolkit materials to guide them as they set up and teach their course, and access powerpoints to incorporate analytical tools into their curriculum. In the future, D-Lab hopes to continue encouraging instructors to examine the needs in their communities and develop courses that will give students real skills to address them