About - HortLab

2012 to 2016 - Bangkok, Thailand and Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Humphrey Fellows Involvement

Sean Maxson, 2nd year M.S. International Agricultural Development, Agricultural Resource Economics, D-Lab Involvement: Graduate student researcher for D-Lab



Innovative horticultural technologies hold huge potential to contribute towards Horticulture Innovation Lab Regional Centers’ mission of reducing poverty, improving nutrition and health, and improving sustainability and profitability of horticulture activities. It was in this spirit that partnership between the Horticulture Innovation Lab and the UC Davis D-Lab was born. The first phase of the partnership was implemented from 2012- 2016 to provide a framework for D-Lab to collaborate with Regional Centers in Thailand and Honduras. During this time D-Lab curriculum was established at Zamorano University in Honduras and Kasetsart University in Thailand.

In order to guarantee successful continuation of previous efforts and set Regional Center D-Labs on a course for self-sufficiency, UC Davis D-Lab plans to work with Regional Centers to improve course implementation, refine process of appropriate technology selection, and build capacity of host-institution instructors to effectively deliver curriculum.

UC Davis D-Lab will work to improve the spreadsheet cost analysis calculator for cold storage systems. In collaboration with the Regional Center in Thailand, D-Lab will perform an assessment of the CoolBot installed in Siem Reap Cambodia.