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 Summer 2018 - Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone


Peter Nasielski, fourth year undergraduate student, Design & Sustainable Environmental Design. D-Lab involvement: Student in Winter 2018 D-Lab I

Dana Armstrong, graduate student, International Agricultural Development. D-Lab involvement: Student in Winter 2018 D-Lab I



Dana Armstrong, an international agricultural development graduate student, and Peter Nasielski, a design and sustainable environmental design undergraduate student, met Martin Kailie, a farmer, social entrepreneur, and founder and CEO of Green Africa Inc., at UC Davis during the D-Lab course: Feasibility Studies in International Development. In studying the feasibility of a market in Sierra Leone for cookstoves that run on ethanol made from a locally sourced plant known as cassava, Armstrong and Nasielski became intrigued—so much so that they decided to partner with Kailie a Hubert H. Humphrey Fellow to continue working on the project, including much needed on-the-ground research.


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