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 Summer 2018 - Georgia

Georgia Agriculture


Abigail Edwards, fourth year undergraduate student, Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems. D-Lab Involvement: Intern



Assistant and 2018 Blum Fellow Abigail Edwards traveled to the country of Georgia in Eastern Europe. The trip duration lasted five weeks during which, Abigail and in-country partners traveled around Georgia in the capital, Tbilisi, as well as to different project sites in Bediani and Bareti. The primary purpose of the trip was to gain insight into the agricultural needs of Bareti, assess the Bareti farmsite, and initiate a knowledge transfer with the villagers in Bareti. During the five weeks in Georgia, the team conducted a preliminary agriculture needs and capacity assessment, soil tests, and two sustainable agriculture workshops. The project was a result of a three-year partnership with Kakhaber (Kakha) Bakhtadze who came to UC Davis as a Humphrey Fellow and studied at the university for one year.


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